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transition from Web2.0 to Web3.0

We provide Smooth transition from Web2.0 to Web3.0 for game publishers ensuring compliance and security for your gamers in web 3.0 world. Acego’s solutions are fully secure and compliant.

Our Partners

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Acego package

What services do we provide

Compliant Token

Give you a peace of mind.

Web 3.0 Advisory

Regulation, tokenomics and tech

Wallet & Passport

Web3 wallet with Single Sign On (SSO)

NFT Marketplace

Trade conveniently


We increase your game revenue

How we work

Our Biz model

When user converts or restore game assets between web3.0 and web2.0, we share the revenue from the fees collected.

Acego provides

Authentication & Conversion Engine Platform

Game publisher provides

Liquidity Pool for Assets Conversion with GACT token

How we work

Our Process

ACEGO transform your centralized game assets into decentralized tokens, unlocking new possibilities for ownership, trading, and monetization. We offer a complete solution from Advisory to Passport and marketing services.


- scope
- requirements
- game assets


- uploading assets details
- test and deploy
- marketing manage

Go live

- Marketing
- Acego Vault

endless reality

Discover the opportunities of
WEB 3.0 technologies