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What we do

Play & OWN Concept

ACEGO is a Singapore-based company dedicated to empowering game publishers in their transaction to Web 3.0 era. ACEGO is pioneering a revolutionary concept Play & Own. With ACEGO players are not just participants, they become owners, having the opportunity to possess their in-game assets in WEB 3.0

Our concept

Acego provides game publishers with means for transition to Web 3.0

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What you get

New Revenue Streams

ACEGO transforms gaming into a channel for gaining and accumulating assets. Your gamers will have a possibility to convert their game assets into a compliant GACT token as well as to a NTF. Both of which could be later traded for a real money. And for each conversion you’ll take a commission of 5%

They trust us

Our Comunity

What you get

Enhanced User Engagement

Transitioning of your game to Web3.0 will increase user engagement, user retention and incentivize in-game spending. As your game assets will give users real world value.

Common Queries and Answers

Frequently Asked questions

Currently, ACEGO primarily facilitates trading of tokenized assets within specific games. However, interoperability initiatives are being explored to potentially enable cross-game asset trading in the future.

ACEGO prioritizes educating users by offering tutorials, guides, and educational materials, aiming to enhance their understanding of blockchain technology, tokenization, and the advantages associated with ownership and trading of in-game assets. This helps users grasp the shift from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 in the realm of blockchain gaming.

Absolutely, ACEGO is actively researching and developing the integration of NFTs to enhance in-game asset ownership, allowing for intricate ownership rights and diverse trading possibilities within the platform.

ACEGO employs carefully designed algorithms and mechanisms to regulate the token supply, mitigating the risk of asset inflation and maintaining a stable and sustainable gaming economy.

Yes, ACEGO actively seeks partnerships with traditional gaming companies to facilitate a smooth transition and integration of blockchain elements, fostering collaboration and innovation in the gaming industry.

ACEGO takes compliance with data protection regulations seriously, including adhering to the Singaporean Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). When enabling cross-border transactions and trading, ACEGO conducts thorough assessments to ensure full compliance with data protection laws and regulations in each jurisdiction involved, including the oversight of Singaporean PSA regulations. This meticulous approach guarantees that the ACEGO platform operates within the bounds of applicable rules, offering users a seamless and compliant cross-border trading experience. ACEGO is committed to maintaining the highest standards of data privacy and security, even as it expands its international presence and ensures compliance with Singaporean PSA regulations.

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