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Revitalize Your Games:

Boost Revenue, Explore New Markets

our concept

Play & Own: The Future of Gaming

We empower game developers with a seamless transition to Web 3.0, offering compliant tokens under Singapore’s PSA exemption. Our business model creates new revenue streams, allowing developers to focus on crafting fun experiences. With Acego, gamers can unlock their in-game assets effortlessly.

What we do

CONVERT Game assets into GACT tokens or NFT

Your gamers will have an option to convert their game assets into a compliant GACT token as well as to a NTF. Both of which could be later traded for a real money. 

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Our Partners

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Our service

How Do We Work

Share your Business Goals

Identify game assets that can be converted. Share your vision and goals with us.

Proposal and Agreement

Receive a customized proposal outlining the technical solution and implementation steps aligned with your business goals.

Development and Integration

Our and your team will work together during development and integration process of web 3.0 transition

Go live

Prepare for a seamless launch as we finalize all the necessary elements. Depending on the specifics, your solution can be ready for deployment within 1 - 3 months.
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Discover the opportunities of
WEB 3.0 technologies