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ACEGO with SLASH Fintech Payments

ACEGO is a game publishers aggregator which helps to enable them from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 for elevated user experiences. ACEGO partnered with Slash since July 2023 as the Web3.0 payment gateway for Web3.0 assets.  Slash is a decentralised payment protocol

Slash Payments ( is a non-custodial and on-chain decentralised payment protocol, that enables merchants to immediately accept any ERC20 token as payment without worrying about the volatility and token management risks.

A consumer can make payments with whatever token of their choice and the Slash enabled merchant can receive that payment in their preferred stablecoin.Each transaction is processed via smart contracts that connect to various decentralised liquidity and automate the token conversion process.

Slash currently supports: 5 types of Blockchain protocols and more than 1400 different tokens.

Slash Fintech serves in the B2B space in the High Tech, FinTech, Blockchain Technology market segments.

Problem/Opportunity and Solution/Product

Currently, cryptoasset payments are rudimentary and inefficient. Anyone that wants to pay for a good or service using their cryptoassets are often forced to exchange their cryptoassets on third party exchanges to another cryptoasset that the merchant is willing to accept before the actual transaction between the customer and merchant takes place.  In centralised exchanges, users are faced with complex sign-up procedures, or in decentralised exchanges (DEXs), users are required to have some technical understanding.  These hurdles lead to unnecessary effort and high transaction costs, ultimately costing users time and money. 

SLASH is a decentralised and non-custodial payment gateway that solves the prevailing problem. It enables users to pay in any token of their choice (e.g BNB) while the merchant instantly receives the payment in their preferred designated currency (e.g. USDC).

Due to tight regulations and restricted accessibility, crypto payments are even more difficult and barely exist in Japan.

SLASH now offers the first and only crypto payment service provider to offer compliant, automatic crypto-to-fiat off-ramps in Japan. Achieved through a partnership with Zaif (crypto exchange), SoftBank Payment Service (licensed PSP), and JPYC (licensed JPY backed stable coin issuer).